Monday, December 5, 2011

Drugs Keep Coming

The work of Sgt. Sifuentes and company is never over.  However, the latest high profile bust hits a little too close to home.  Actually, it takes place close to my mother's house.  It was bound to happen sooner or later now that more tips are being reported to the Bordertown: Laredo department.  Up until recently, all I had witnessed in El Puente Blanco was a group of teens smoking weed at the bus stop at the 3100 block of San Francisco.  But I would be a fool to think that more devious operations weren't occurring in my old hood.

Pro8news' Adriana Arce interviewed Sifuentes and Rodriguez yesterday, and asked them about the possiblity of another season of Bordertown.

While the production of the series would need to evolve, I think the show would keep the drug trade dialogue alive, and thus encourage more people to help combat the problem.  Because of that, I would welcome a season 2. 

For now, Laredo's newest stars will occupy themselves one way or another.

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