Thursday, December 1, 2011


Pro8news featured Laredo's most dangerous intersection for motorists:  the corner of McPherson and Del Mar.  The location has racked up 39 car crashes so far this year. 

A year ago, a driver rear-ended my car as I waited in the northbound turning lane at this location.  There was no significant damage so I basically shrugged it all off, but I can identify with how this intersection could be a hazard for motorists.

I've been struck at other intersections throughout the city, but I'm glad that I can avoid Laredo's worst intersection at all costs. 

Check out this video that illustrates the Diverging Diamond Interchange road design.  It's supposed to eliminate left turns, a big contributor of car crashes. 

Laredo drivers need all the help they can get.  The Diverging Diamond may be more than we need, but apparently, there's room for improvement on Laredo's roadways.

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