Saturday, November 12, 2011

Putting The Mascot Before The Cart

I usually don't pay much mind to the sports section of the LMT, so it was a reader who brought this story to my attention the other day.  Apparently the Laredo Lemurs organization is not experiencing smooth sailing at the moment.  Click on image below to enlarge, por favor.

This whole baseball saga keeps getting interesting.  First the public was wrong to ever imagine that the new baseball stadium (currently under construction) was going to cost anywhere under $10 million.  Now we were wrong to ever think that the Laredo Lemurs would ever be part of a AA baseball league.

This is a perfect opportunity for Laredo to capitalize on Nuevo Laredo losing its team, Los Tecolotes, but things don't look so good on this side of the river.  Laredo has to have a team.  I mean, the city has gone through the trouble of picking a mascot and everything, so.....

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