Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Integrity Schmegrity

My better half sent me this picture of a sticker which was plastered somewhere inside the Las Cazuelas restaurant.  It reads, "El Azteca No Se Vende."  Orale, pues!  But here's what I found out yesterday.

Las Cazuelas is now Obegon's.  So while the neighborhood might not be for sale, everything in it is. 

In talking to an employee from the restaurant this morning, I learned that the new owners will offer a wider selection of local cuisine.  And their hope is to be open throughout the day, and not just for the lunch rush.  By the way, another Obregon's is located on Saunders.  Could it be that we'll see it become a franchise like Danny's? We'll see, but first, bring on those tostadas (estilo) Siberia.

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