Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cops And Things

For years, border residents have experienced a spillover of goods, culture, and food -- a free exchange between two worlds living side by side.   Now the word 'spillover' has gotten a bad rap, and we can thank hysterical law enforcement officials for that.

Our very own police chief offers some perspective on the recent shooting of a deputy in Hidalgo County.
"I think we still live in a very safe community.  Our crime satistics reflect that,"  Maldonado said.  "This particular incident is certainly ... indicative of the type of events that could take place, but it's not unique to the border."  Maldonado pointed out that municipalities further in the interior of the country see events such as the deputy shooting.  A recent incident, Maldonado recalled, involved a man walking into a police precinct in Detroit and opening fire with a shotgun. 

"This incident that took place in Hidalgo County is not anything that should be alarming or of huge concern to the community," the chief said.  "This isn't indicative of absolute chaos on the U.S. side.  This is an isolated event." 

Small, sleepy communities along the border are not used to violent acts against officials, so I can see how the locals would react when a deputy is shot.  But we can't expect it not to happen when our community is inundated with drug activity on a daily basis.   I am disappointed, however, with the chief's attempt to reassure us.  Him saying that the event "is not anything that should be alarming or of huge concern" will definitely be criticized.

Passage above via LMT story

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