Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Breaking News

The City of Laredo Convention & Visitors Bureau has gone live with a new website.  Click here to check it out.  Here's a statement from Ms. Lopez, Director of the LCVB.
“As they say in the TV business, ‘We have gone live,’ but this time, it’s on the World Wide Web! It’s a modern day makeover,” stated Blasita J. Lopez, LCVB Director.   “We know that marketing experts in the tourism industry tout the importance of an online presence; it was time for a makeover.  According to recent data, mobile device use will take over all other methods of travel research and decision making by the year 2014. So this is a significant step in our efforts to make sure that Laredo stays competitive and visible to everyone that uses the internet for travel planning.”

A blog that features destinations along San Bernardo Ave. has also come into the fray.

The site is pretty sleek.  Kudos to staff.

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