Monday, November 28, 2011

A Touch Of Nepotism

Our mayor was on Pro8news this afternoon to speak about current city business.  He was asked of the conflict of interest in awarding a contract to a company.  (LaredoTejas blogged about it yesterday)

Mindy Casso:  And what do you say to people who ask about the relative of a councilperson who's involved with that particular firm?

Mayor Salinas: First of all, he's not eligible; He's not going to vote.  He has to excuse himself.  But, you know, I think there's other partners and I think also we're going to look at them all.  We're going to look at their financial statements.  We're going to see if they're experienced, but we have to look at the whole picture, and staff is going to make a recommendation.  But I think at the same time, I want the best company to be out there doing business, and uh, you know, somebody's gonna get it.  Rght now I gotta tell you: we're going to be transparent; we're going to show the numbers and that's what the people need to know.
City council meeting.  tonight.


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