Monday, October 17, 2011

Who Is Justin Vogt Kidding?!

Wow, Henry Cuellar has an Environmental Policy Analyst?  Apparently he does, and somebody pushed his and his analyst's buttons.

I don't know what I'm more amazed by:  somebody purporting to be Henry Cuellar's energy analyst, or having somebody rebuff a Laredoan's environmental concern in the pages of the LMT.  Laredo is green all of a sudden.  Who woulda thunk it?

Anyway, Henry Cuellar recently voted against proposed EPA rules on mercury levels in the air, among other things, but Mr. Vogt states that the house resolutions merely "ask the EPA to do a job analysis study of new, yet-to-be-implemented regulations..."  That's funny because HR 2250 is otherwise known as the EPA Regulatory Relief Act.  Translation:  We don't want or need no stinkin' new regulations.

Semantics aside, HR 2250 is supposed to have bipartisan support, according to Vogt.  Let's not get crazy now.  Just because Gene Green and Charlie Gonzalez voted for it, that doesn't mean that it has widespread support.  Mr. Green hails from Houston, a town that is heavily influenced by the energy industry; And he's on the subcommittee on Energy and Power --  Not exactly a neutral position when you have to consider environmental issues.  Mr. Charlie Gonzalez also has Subcommittee on Energy and Power experience.  Nice try, Mr. Vogt, but bipartisanship resembles something totally different than having two energy lackeys vote on mercury regulations. 

It should be no surprise that the Senate and the president are against HR 2250. 

This resolution has republican House written all over it.  The fact that some demos voted with them goes to show where they get their campaign contributions from and where their allegiances lie.

And spare me the claim that unions support this.  Let me guess, it's the union of boiler owners. 

Henry Cuellar doesn't have one environmental bone in his body.  And he doesn't have the decency to answer for his own votes on major environmental issues.  He'll ask us for suggestions on how to create jobs, but he won't bother asking about air quality.  He'll defer to his energy buddies for that. 

(Letter to the editor appeared this weekend in the LMT)         

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