Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Webb County Contender 2012

The court definitley needs more balance when it comes to verbal participation.
"There's a lot of times that the commissioner doesn't say anything or voice his opinion, and I'm going to be there to voice my opinion and to let them know what I feel," he said.  "I will fight for my precinct."
Mr. Montemayor has his work cut out for him.  Frank Sciaraffa (I) and Louis Bruni have name recognition, albeit not all noteworthy.  The best case scenario would be to get into a runoff.  But that's easier said than done.

One advantage of having Mr. Montemayor jump into the race is that we'll actually have a debate take place for Pct. 1.  Frank Sciaraffa will probably not show up for the event.  That'll leave the two contenders to shed some light on the needs of the precinct. 

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