Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Soccer Fields

A blog reader brought to my attention the deplorable conditions players have to deal with at the soccer fields located off of Calton Rd., near the old Air Force base.  Apart from the lack of vegetation, grass, and irrigation systems, kids have to manuever through an infinite number of rocks at the sites.  Falls are made more interesting -- players have been known to get back up with rocks imbedded in their hands.  Nice.  To top it all off, the occassional dust storm makes it an arid experience to remember.

The fields host matches for at least one youth soccer league.  The teams are made up of elementary school-aged students.  According to the reader, each team must pay dues each season.  But he can't figure out where all that money goes to.  We can plainly see that it's not going towards field maintenance. 

One suggestion this person had was collecting some of the rocks from the field and mailing them to city council.  I think that's a great idea.  Although, I don't think any councilmember or the mayor would appreciate getting a suspicious package sent to them.  So if the gesture is going to be made, may I suggest just wrapping a couple of rocks in clear wrapping and securing it with a colorful ribbon. 

It would be interesting to find out why these fields haven't gotten any work done when some sort of improvement has been made in other areas.  We've had several recreational centers built; There have been several soft track installations made, the last one around Martin H.S., the Civic Center, Leyendecker Elem., etc; Some parks have had roofs installed.  Yet this area is neglected.  What gives?

Perhaps some update could be given to the public at the next council meeting set for this Thursday.  I may be asking for too much; It could very well be that Johnny Rendon (the fields sit in his district) doesn't even read this blog.

On Thursday, Mayor Salinas is going to put forth a motion to have a park cater to kids with special needs.  That's good and all, but Laredo's older parks shouldn't be forgotten.  Let's have parks that can be on par with our new baseball stadium and golf course, and not just a bunch of open fields with nothing but dirt.

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