Friday, October 21, 2011

Medical Tourism Suffering

Dentists in Nuevo Laredo have seen a significant drop in customers in the last six years, El Manana reports.  Officials realize that the cartel violence has dampened efforts to lure tourists to the city.  But Nuevo Laredo's loss is Nuevo Progreso's gain. 

Apparently Nuevo Progreso, near McAllen, has too many patients.  It's believed that those that used to visit Nuevo Laredo are now making the trek to the valley for their dental care.  They continue to eat our lunch!!! 

Another issue that our neighbors to the south have to contend with is long wait times at the bridge. 

I went to the dentist in Nuevo Laredo last weekend.  It was pretty quick, mainly because I had an early appointment.  When I made my way back to Laredo, there was no waiting in line at bridge 1. 
A friend asked me to inquire about a dental procedure, and the cost.  He's a little apprehensive about going across, but I can't blame him.  The fact that more people like him are staying away is better for me, I guess.  I avoid crowds and tend to my teeth.

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