Saturday, October 1, 2011

LISD Customer Service

This might be a way for more local parents to get involved in their child's education.
She found that most successful programs ask that dads only volunteer for a day, perhaps on their child's birthday so they could have lunch with them. She knew that might be the key. Her husband, deBonoPaula said, would not hesitate to make time in his busy schedule to volunteer at school on their second-grader's birthday if they got to have lunch together.
With the parent participation I've seen, it would be a good idea to encourage both mom and dad to visit schools on special days like birthdays.

Here's a slide of something LISD is doing for parents to keep track of their child's progress, Family Portal.


I visited Cigarroa Middle yesterday around 12:30 to sign up for this feature.  Unfortunately, the only person who could give me access was on lunch duty.
I appreciate the fact that staff has to pull double duty throughout the day, but I was dismayed at how nobody else was able to help me.  I got the usual, "Would you like to leave a message?" and "Call back later."  Perhaps LISD and Cigarroa Middle didn't expect such a big turnout for this so they only assigned one person as "parent liaison."  
I'll try again next week, but this goes to show how the system is set up so parents can easily get discouraged in dealing with public schools.  Dads can probably do more to be better engaged, but schools can't leave things to chance, especially when we have problems with truancy, dropping out, failure, teen pregnancy, bullying.....

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