Monday, October 17, 2011

Jose Luis "Tata" Flores

There's a man out there, and he goes by the name of "Tata." 

I was in a hurry so I didn't take the time to read the fine print on his campaign sign. But the truck had another sign on the other side that had another candidate's message.  That person is running for a position in Zapata, TX.  "Tata" might be doing the same, in which case Franck Sciaraffa can rest assured and only deal with his current competitor, Louis Bruni. 

While original, I still can't endorse the use of nicknames in political campaigns.  This sort of detail is best left for people who grace the pages of Que Pasa, those who flash reverse peace signs, and rarely crack a smile.  In other words, it's sophomoric, in my view.  Might as well get the whole thing over with and plaster a c/s stamp on the sign.

HuffPo has a piece entitled "Midlife Crisis: 10 Warning Signs."  The warning sign that applies here is number 3: A new emphasis on remaining youthful.  Could it be that Mr. Flores is at a crossroads?  It could be.  He might be reassessing his life right about now.  But I think the bigger burden is having to carry around the weight of "Tata."  That's not exactly the most flattering of nicknames and I wonder if he realizes it.

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