Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Music Delayed

Once again, the list of Rock&Roll Hall of Fame nominees came out and it's sure to spur some debate.  While some of the groups I like haven't been given props yet, there are a couple of nominees on the current list that should be inducted, such as The Spinners.  Hall of Fame snubs aside, music lives on for our enjoyment.

For Pink Floyd fans, check out the remastered version of "Dark Side of the Moon".  That album was released in 1973 and it never gets old.
VH1 Classic is celebrating the music of Rush and the Jewish New Year with "Rush Hashana" today.  Interviews, videos, and concert performances will be featured for 24 hours.  Nice.

In new music, Wilco released "Whole Love" yesterday.  I like Wilco.  They're not as dramatic as your typical arena rock band, but they connect with me on some level.  It's like what was said of Jackson Browne's music once -- "He's David Bowie without the art school training." (paraphrasing)

It's all good.


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