Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Now More Than Ever, Religion Is Important"

To say that city council was divided on the issue of praying at the start of their meetings would be inaccurate.  What I saw was Councilmember San Miguel pushing for prayer and several others settling for a moment of silence.  The mayor, and San Miguel for that matter, noted the need for religion in these calamitous times.  But I don't think that qualifies as a reason to allow it during city council meetings.  If anything, I think it would do more for their own personal state of mind and not much else.

I wanted to hear a good argument from Mr. San Miguel on why they should go through the trouble of having "legislative prayers" before a meeting, but the only thing that was offered was the fact that the state legislature does it.  Not a good case to make especially for a pessimistic constituency. 

If local public reaction to prayer during meetings was negative in the past, because of an odd invocation or because it was done at all, it might mean that the public is more attuned to the happenings of the city, and they made their voices be heard. 

Councilman Garza's take says it all.
I think that if we do a moment of silence as part of our agenda, we're not imposing anything on anybody.
He mentioned that when it was done in 2006, it was done as a good gesture.  But I have to ask:  Good for whom, and for what?

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