Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Let Him Die

Having a couple of minutes to answer whether or not a person in a coma with no health coverage should be left to die is impractical.  But for Ron Paul to suggest that churches help people with medical bills is too simplistic a solution.  Religious groups are generally viewed as generous and giving, but I don't think they could cover a sick person's mounting hospital fees. 

The church where I grew up in pulls in approximately $10,000 every weekend after they pass around the plate.  How far do you think that's going to go? 

A person who chooses to go without health insurance is definitely taking risks.  He or she might decide to forego treatment and simply die.  But if that person goes into a coma, the decision won't be left up to them, let alone rabid attendees at a GOP debate.  The family will step in, and what comes next gets more complicated.

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