Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I See A Hint

I was asked what this Louis Bruni campaign sign meant, with the 40K at the top.  At first I thought it was the number of votes he needed to win, but then I realized that 40,000 people don't even vote in all of Webb.  I asked a buddy of mine and he figured that this is the amount of money that Frank Sciaraffa supposedly still owes Bruni.

That could be it, but we'll wait for confirmation from another source. 

For those unfamiliar with local politics, Sciaraffa and Bruni were once on speaking terms.  Money was said to have been exchanged and never paid back.  Now here we are with both men going head to head for a commissioners spot, and one of them is jabbing the other with snarky signs.  Classy.  Always classy.

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