Sunday, September 18, 2011


At Monday's Commissioners Court meeting, we got a better sense of what two local businessmen intend to do to revitalize downtown Laredo.  And we learn how it all came about.
It was discussions over Danny's 1.  As you know, this restaurant is his first restaurant and it's been in the heart of downtown Laredo for a long time; And (he) mentioned that it wasn't doing as well as the other restaurants -- and you know, the restaurant chain is very successful.  And we were talking about expanding into different markets, so it caught me by surprise.  And I guess my simple response to him was, 'let's do something about that.'
Supposedly, some businesses have made some type of commitment to set up shop in downtown Laredo.  And I have seen some activity at the Plaza Theater ever since I found out the Victor Trevino and Danny Lopez Jr. were taking on the task of breathing life back into the area.

Part of me hopes that this revitalization project will work, but the other side tells me that the locals have grown accustomed to the strip mall routine where shops are near each other and parking is convenient.

Interestingly enough, a Laredoan is helping revive an old San Antonio neighborhood near the downtown area.  His approach revolves around the idea of restoring old homes and selling them to people who work downtown.  That could work here as well, but somebody else would have to take the lead on that one.

Something has to happen because this whole downtown thing has been discussed for some time now

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