Thursday, September 1, 2011

Border Economy

Not that I mind much, but if you're going to talk about the border economy, it would be nice to include Laredo.
The McAllen-Edinburg-Mission area has the highest unemployment rate of any metropolitan region in Texas. Brownsville has the lowest median income at $21,800 a year — 30 percent lower than the statewide median, and 35 percent lower than the national median. El Paso has the highest annual income of Texas' border cities, at $25,717 annually. But the unemployment rate, while lower than in Brownsville and McAllen, still soars up to 10.9 percent, compared to 7.6 percent in Austin-Round Rock and 8.2 percent in San Antonio.
There's a link included in the article where you can see how Laredo stacks up.  Here are some stats for July 2011:  8.8% unemployment; $23,566 is the median income.

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