Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bicyclists' Safety

The elders discussed keeping local bike riders safe at Monday's council meeting.  This all after one bike-riding physician got hurt while out on his bike.  Here's what they recommend.

PSAs are good to remind the public to watch out for bicyclists.  But I think bicyclists have to watch out for themselves.  Motorists are going to get distracted, one way or another.  The best way to keep oneself safe while riding a bike is to practice defensive biking.

This city is really not designed for bike riders.  Hell, it's not even designed for pedestrians.  That's why I like to ride past sunset -- there's less traffic to contend with.

I'll look out for the PSAs but I know that it'll be up to me to keep my butt safe against any and all motorists.

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