Friday, August 12, 2011

You Say Madrid And I'll Say.......

I love the way how, in the span of seconds, one person in this video says Madrid and the other one says Madrid.

One of my wife's pet peeves is when people say, "your child still needs the VARICELLA vaccine."  It might be correct in some setting but it does prove to be a bit cringe worthy when words are punctuated like that.  It's almost as if people have some sort of bilingual Tourettes, stressing words in Spanish for some reason.

It might have something to do with our code switching culture, but in hearing people speak sometimes, it's a wonder how anybody understands one another.  Take for instance a recent post where two people pronounced the word "height" as HI-th.  And they weren't the only ones; the city manager did it too during a city council meeting.

It struck me as weird.  I kept bugging my wife about it.  She proceeded to direct me to this link pointing out the correct pronunciation of the word.  I knew I wasn't crazy!

Laredo's culture and language (es-ta-REY-ale) can be quirky and fun, but I would like some consistency, especially from those who promote education.  We can't let this go because then we'll have a bunch of dummies saying, "Is our children learning?"

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