Thursday, August 25, 2011

Water Woes

KGNS reports that people have been voicing their concern about the watering schedule at the golf course located near Lake Casa Blanca.  It doesn't sit well with some that the course is being watered during the day, every day, while the city is in stage 3 water restrictions.  But golf course manager, Rudy Gonzalez, explains that the facility is able to water freely because it is effluent water that's used to irrigate.  City Manager Carlos Villarreal made note of that at a recent city council meeting.  (Video here; Mention of it comes at the 45 second mark)

I don't have to tell you how hot it's been around here, and that a lot of our foliage has taken a beating.  Lawns, plants and trees have suffered even after watering has taken place.  The ones that seem to be handling the spike in temperature are our native plants.  Not everybody is a fan of mesquite trees but it's time we rethink our lawn design. 

According to the city manager, the county golf course and the country club golf course are using effluent water that the city provides under contract.  How true that is is beyond me.  But I think staff at the county facility could be a little wiser with their watering.  If they're watering during peak hours, a lot of that water will succumb to evaporation.  It would make more sense, I think, to water when the sun is down.  Perhaps if I had stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, I could sound more convincing.

For now, keep obeying the watering schedule and feel free to question everything.

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