Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sun Beating Down

With the unrelenting heat we've had, people have taken cover during the peak hours in any way they can.

The truck pictured above is always parked as shown, not caring to make it all the way into a parking spot, but preferring to take advantage of the shade provided by an oak tree.  Nevermind that he/she is partially obstructing the right of way for cars, and the path for pedestrians; what's more important is this driver's comfort.

I understand the difference that tree shade makes:  the temperature is approximately 15 degrees lower.  But convenience has a way of making people do stupid things.
This type of parking douchebaggery typically is seen from people who drive luxury cars, or from people who hold public office.  These people walk amongst us.  They're polite on the surface; But their contempt will eventually show.

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