Monday, August 15, 2011

Security Concerns

With Mexican troops crossing into Laredo by land, and by air, the public's anxiety was exacerbated.  Stories of spillover violence from Nuevo Laredo have existed for some time.  Seeing troops step onto U.S. soil certainly would unsettle anybody's nerves. 

Laredo's police chief, Carlos Maldonado, spoke to the city council to reassure the public of his department's involvement in border security.
The Laredo Police Department is very active, actively engaged in collecting, gathering intelligence information and sharing it with other entities in the United States.
The mayor has tried to put our fears to rest, but I think the chief did a better job of it.  See Chief Maldonado's statement here.

It's surprising to see Mexican troops cross into Laredo, to say the least.  But we can't assume that any act of aggression would be ignored and not contained by security forces, be they local, state or federal.  Put another way, I don't see anybody rolling over on this side if some sort of invasion took place.

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