Monday, August 29, 2011

Chacon Trail

Here are a couple more pics from the hike that took place Saturday morning.  This shot was taken from a manmade bridge along the eastern edge of the trail.  The area suffers from neglect.  Apart from litter, old branches and grass are piled up along the trail, a result of maintenance done by city staff.  While the upkeep is appreciated, the leftovers prove to be unsightly, and a hazard, as they can easily be lit on fire. 

A broken mannequin was found near the Freddy Benavidez Baseball Field.  Why?  I can see how tires and other trash would be thrown around here, but a mannequin

The trail has a lot of redeeming qualities, but a little TLC is desperately needed.  Trail markers are placed at intervals, but more signage wouldn't hurt.  One group got lost that morning. 

The walk from Dryden Memorial Park to the Rio Grande is about a mile.  It's good exercise either by foot or bike.

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