Friday, August 26, 2011

"A Booming Bonanza"

At last week's city council meeting, the mayor reinforced his commitment to creating jobs for the community as it relates to the Eagle Ford Shale drilling activity.  He wants the city to capitalize on the economic potential as far as anything having to do with hydraulic fracturing; And he's not going to sit by while there's so much to gain.
But when you have a place like San Antonio, thinking that they're going to eat our lunch, well they've got something else coming.
Que lindo.  He's standing up for us.  Apparently we can go toe to toe with one of the largest cities in the nation.  Except that........
Fresh off Thursday's revelation that Halliburton Co. is looking to build a “supersite” in the San Antonio area, a county official disclosed another heavy-hitter in oil services wants a piece of the action.
That's right.  Halliburton, and now Schlumberger, are looking to set up shop in Bexar County, taking with them a lot of jobs.  How can this be?  What does San Antonio have that we don't have?

Putting the mayor's delusions aside, when he made that statement, he was addressing members of the Safe Fracking Coalition, a group that's concerned with the environmental impact associated with hydraulic fracturing.  He explained to the group that he understood their concerns, but not once did he ever utter the words clean air, or clean water.  His focus was job creation and he did a good job of talking down to the group.

I understand the need for job creation, but I also think that there comes a time when you have to be a diplomat and bring people together.  His little rant made it seem as if the SFC is a nuisance to the community.
Hey mayor, here's a tip:  pretend like you care about the environment; stop rambling; be more fair and balanced yourself; stop it with the jokes (Johnny on the spot); and for gawd's sake, turn off your phone!!!

Laredo:  There's Always A Reason To Celebrate.

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