Thursday, July 7, 2011

Visit Laredo

What makes Laredo?
The countless strip malls with their vast concrete parking lots sprawling for miles have about as much character as our local governments. This is what we're supposed to be Laredo Proud about?
When a friend visited a couple of months ago, I suggested we go kayaking on the Rio Grande.  The last time I was on a small boat was during (Cub Scout) summer camp.  Nevertheless, I thought it would be a cinch paddling down the river.  The only problem would be tracking down the people who actually run the kayak tours locally.

Apart from that, I would probably suggest taking my friends to El Meson de San Agustin in historic* downtown Laredo.  We could enjoy good food and casually take in some of old Laredo.
There could be something else that I could plan for family and friends that visit, but I don't know if it is much of a draw for tourists.  The Planetarium is nice to experience but I don't think it would have visitors begging for more. 

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