Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spill Of Some Sort

On the southbound lane of Hwy 83, near the Santa Fe entrance, I noticed a section of the road covered with some sort of sludge.  The picture doesn't exactly capture the scene adequately, but if you notice in the middle, the roadway looks darker.  As I neared this area to take a snapshot, I immediately was hit with an odor.  I can't exactly pinpoint it.  However, the shape of the spill look irregular; and I've seen another one like this just down the road.   

Que Fregados recently posted on an unknown spill near downtown.  And I included a screen shot of a story that appeared in this month's LareDOS where a dumping ground for sludge was discovered on Hwy 16.

Like I said before, I've noticed these kinds of spills on Zapata Highway before.  And it doesn't look like anyone is paying them no mind.  

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