Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Poor Tree Care

The picture above is that of an ash tree in the parking lot of a retail center in north Laredo.  In the background you can see Lane Bryant and Old Navy.  The reason I took this picture is because of the poor care and attention that Laredo trees get.  Seriously, who prunes a tree like this?  These trees are not meant for topiary projects. 

You would think that these trees would be allowed to flourish since no obstructions are in the way -- There are no power lines overhead, or buildings nearby that would hinder a tree's growth.  The only reason I can come up with is that they were hacked this way so drivers could have a better line of vision.  If shoppers can better see the stores here, chances are they'll stop in to buy.

Here's another pic.

Proper pruning can stimulate a tree's growth.  But what's been done here can be detrimental to them, not to mention making eyesores out of each and every tree.

When I visit this retail center, I like to park near a tree that offers good shade; that's usually in the area near the Payless Shoe Store.  Nevermind that I have to walk clear across the parking lot to get to another store, my car will be nice and cool when I get back.  These trees, unfortunately, don't look like they might be of any use to me.  And that's unfortunate, especially when we have to live with the unrelenting heat every Summer.

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