Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good Intentions Backfire, Literally

I now know that rules apply only to those who can't throw their influence around.  For those that have connections or financial means, laws can be sidestepped.  Thankfully karma steps in sometimes to remind us that things can't be ignored.  Let's rewind several days.
"You know we have that fireworks ban so we were lucky enough to get that permit and we're excited about it and we'll of course have the fireworks at the end of the evening so everybody can come out and enjoy and we've got some really special things in store for folks, some fireworks I'm sure they've never seen."
While the state is experiencing drought, wildfires, extreme heat and budget shortfalls, some locals decided it would be a good idea to shoot off some fireworks for old times' sake.  And then somebody thought, 'yeah, that's great; here's a permit!'

What happens next would be comical if it wasn't for two people being hauled off to the hospital.

Message to Big Buck Country (98.1 FM):  stay away from fireworks for a while.

Our leaders are constantly trying to protect us from that which will do us harm:  beer run dancing girls; car thieves; transparency; etc.  We, however, ignore their warnings and take things into our own hands.  What's unfortunate is when ordinances are put in place, but not enforced; And worse yet is when those who are in charge of public safety end up being enablers to our undoing.

I don't know if anybody is going to pay for a fire being started, or for two people being hurt, but today I can appreciate the power of cliches.  Don't play with fire.

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