Friday, July 29, 2011

Fracking And Stuff

The EPA is looking into issues of pollution at drilling sites.
In March, pollution from natural gas drilling in the Upper Green River Basin in western Wyoming triggered levels of ground-level ozone, the main ingredient in smog, worse than those recorded in Los Angeles, one of the smoggiest cities in the U.S.

In Dish, a rural town northwest of Dallas, the state’s environmental regulators detected levels of cancer-causing benzene, sometimes at levels dangerous to human health, likely coming from the industry’s 60 drilling wells, gas production pads and rigs, a treating facility and compressor station.
This could be present in northern Webb County.  It could be affecting people who live near drilling sites already.

It's good that the EPA is concerned with the effects of drilling, but for some it may too late.  Yeah, some might've made out really well from this, but others are probably dealing with things like benzene. 

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