Monday, July 25, 2011

Debt Ceiling Confusion

Maximiliano over at LaredoTejas noticed how Mayor Raul Salinas couldn't exactly answer a question about the debt ceiling on national TV.  And Odie Arambula also couldn't find anyone locally to give an opinion on what Congress and the president are tackling right now.

Tom at WakeUpLaredo thinks John Boehner is doing a fantastic job.  But what if nothing happens before the supposed August 2 deadline?  Will Social Security checks, and Medicaid payments be withheld so as to force the elderly out of nursing homes?  It's all posturing on the part of everyone in Washington.  Our fearless leader even has some thoughts on the whole hullabaloo.

Whatever happens, it's shameful that nobody can articulate his/her thoughts on the subject when confronted with questions, even the mayor.

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