Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Changes At County

Last week the court let go of two department heads.  Today we learn that two individuals were chosen to fill those spots.  But the positions' job descriptions ask for more than these new directors have to offer.  Commissioners, nevertheless, bumped them up in status and pay.  
Commissioners did approve pay raises for Cabello and Gonzalez to the salaries of their former directors.  The court improved a salary increase for Cabello or more than $40,300 to the $112,000 annual salary Sanchez made.  Gonzalez got a bump in pay of more than $20,300 to the $73,690 salary made by outgoing building maintenance director Raul Elizondo. 
Both of these men have been working for Webb County for some time, but Mr. Mike Cabello is not certified as an engineer as the job description requires.  And Mr. Fernando Gonzalez does not have any college training.

These men might be qualified, but is this the right time to be giving out hefty pay raises when the county is struggling to meet its fuel demands?  And if I remember correctly, Patricia Barrera was denied an employee's hike in pay because money has been tight.

The commissioners court is going to try to make changes to try to accommodate these two men.  Again, these two individuals might be qualified to do the job, but shouldn't they be placed on a probationary period and their salaries adjusted accordingly?

I realize you want to reward people for their efforts but I also expect some belt-tightening during these troubled times.

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