Monday, June 6, 2011

"With That Being Said"

City council met tonight to hash out some issues.  One of them was the little matter of Johnny Rendon voting to award a city contract to a law firm while acting as Mayor Pro Tem.  Apparently while anyone is filling in for the city's emcee mayor during a meeting, that person cannot cast a vote.

Councilman Rendon started off the discussion by making it crystal clear that he acted on the advice from the legal department from the beginning.  Mr. Casso voiced his opinion in this problem:
I agree with Judge Arce that, the mayor, there was a mistake in judgement:  the mayor pro tem should not have voted; that was my error.  But I don't agree with the remedy she proposes which is to rescind the contract...
People are human, and they make mistakes, but it amazes me that Mr. Rendon has been on the council for a while, and yet, doesn't know that he can't vote while serving as mayor pro tem.  I'm hard pressed to think that this issue has never come up during a meeting before. 

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