Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prayer In School

A judge ruled that prayer cannot be allowed at a Castroville high school graduation ceremony.  This after Christa and Danny Schultz filed a lawsuit seeking to ban the practice of school-sponsored prayer.

In a related story, last month my son got a ticket to attend a show at the Laredo Energy Arena.  Muscle-bound men were going to put on a display of power for the kids: breaking bricks, ripping telephone books, twisting rebar, etc.  He was excited about it so I took him.

It was all going smoothly until they started talking about their past personal hardships.  The stories eventually lead to each man's newfound relationships with God.  Immediately I wondered if students and teachers at the school were drawn in with the prospect of large-scale proselytizing, or just with their feats of strength.  As the show progressed, we saw less things being broken as preaching took over.  My son and I left when we were asked to bow our heads to pray.  I felt bad because he wanted to stay, but I figured we had had enough.    

A similar demonstration is going to be held at a local church.  See ad below (courtesy of the LMT).

I think this will be a more appropriate venue for the "Power Team." 

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