Thursday, June 16, 2011

Parade Of Homes In Laredo

I've never been to one of these 'Parade of Homes' events, and I think it has something to do with me not being drawn in by granite countertops, upstairs game rooms, and Cantera columns.  Most of the floor plans will surely be in the 2,000+ square foot range.  That's too much house for my miserly taste.  But I just might head out to see some of these houses this weekend to see how rich people live. 

What is it like to live at Shiloh Crossing, Lakeside, Khaledi Heights, or Plantation?  I have an idea but I should take a look anyway to get a better picture. 

I'm almost certain that the homes that will be featured will be in the over-$100,000 range.  In the back of my head I'll keep in mind that the median household income in town is $38,567.  I don't point that out to knock people who buy expensive homes or chose to live in certain parts of town.  I do it because it seems like people are offered more than they can handle.

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