Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mas Musica Martes

Yesterday I found out that Clarence Clemons (of E Street Band fame) suffered a stroke.  And while I run the risk of annoying my wife with any mention of Clemons, Bruce Springsteen, sax music, or 80s pop, I have to send the man a shoutout.  My thoughts are with you, Clarence.

Peter Gabriel will be in Houston this Thursday.  But instead of having his usual backup band helping him out, he's performing with an orchestra.  Gabriel has always been known for being dramatic and showy.  An orchestra should be a right fit for him; Albeit a tamer production, but dramatic nonetheless. 

I saw the movie "Super 8" last weekend.  It was really good, but I have to say that the use of several 70s hits in the movie was a little self-serving.  My thoughts are that it was done so to remind us that the flick was set during the Carter administration.  Either that or the producer and director wanted to let us know what they have in their iPods.

It's new music Tuesday and the Junior Boys have a new release out.  The album is called "It's All True."


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