Thursday, June 30, 2011

Justice is Not Blind...It Has a Camera!

I have been following the Casey Anthony murder trial. TruTV and HLN have me glued to my television any chance I get. Today in the month-long trial the Defense rested its case, but it is still far from over.

With all the sidebars and recesses in this trial, there was an additional distraction in court today. A courtroom observer, Matthew Bartlett, was found in contempt of court for flipping the bird at one of the prosecutors. LOL, actually uh, not funny your Honor!

He was presented with a photo of his gesture and asked to explain his actions. He was eventually handcuffed and sentenced to 6 days in Orange County jail along with a $400 fine plus court costs, which he can pay over a six-month period. Ouch! The judge made it clear that he will not tolerate any nonsense!
Update: It was brought to my attention that a previous contempt of court charge had occurred during the jury selection phase of this trial. See the much more dramatic video below!

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