Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Wrong

Remember him?  I do.  That's John Edwards, and the picture before you is of his mug shot.  It's funny because I have a whole 'nother idea of what a mug shot should look like.

Some time ago, Tom Delay also smiled before he was deloused, as did Patricia Barrera.  The peculiar thing is that all three were brought up on charges revolving around campaign funds -- Delay and Edwards misused them and Barrera allegedly bullied people to get them.  So this leads me to believe that when one is being accused of wrongful conduct, a twisted etiquette is in order: smile for the camera.

The only reason I can think of for these people to smile for their mug shots is that they truly believe that they are innocent, and that this whole process is a farce.  They have done nothing wrong and it is us who are the real losers.  They're coping during booking and it's creepy.  And the sad part about it is that they'll just go back to doing whatever it is they do after they go through the appropriate processing.


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