Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fracking Talk In Laredo

I meant to put up a live stream of the town hall meeting held last night, but I just couldn't get a connection to do so.  The UT Health Science Center has WiFi available but you have to have a code to access the internets while there.

Anyway, the event was very well attended.  But I was disappointed that no local officials went.  And by officials I mean the ones who actually vote on issues.  The county attorney, and former city manager, Larry Dovalina, were there.  Dovalina even went up to the mic to tell of his experience with drillers in the past and the lack of help from the state relating to his land.

Gil Bujano, the Railroad Commission representative got an earful from several people.  He emphasized to people that if a problem existed with drilling activities, it should be reported to the agency or to our elected officials (who were absent).  He acknowledged the fact that the Railroad Commission was understaffed.  Gawd bless him for being there to take the heat, but the ones who should've been there to answer our questions are the actual people who are doing the natural gas drilling. 

I think that as activity increases and it gets closer to our area, people will have to start paying attention.  I think there a lot more people who are concerned than those who think there's nothing to worry about.

(Disclosure of chemicals link; Fracking contaminating water link)


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