Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fracking Problem In Laredo, TX

This afternoon as I made my way through Matamoros St., I saw a cloud of dust around the area where I-35 South meets Victoria.  I thought there was some road work being done but I've learned that that's not the case.

I've been informed that a truck hauling waste water spilled its load at the site pictured above.  This is apparently happening on a regular basis here because the trucks don't have any type of cover to contain the material.  And it turns out that this substance, which appears to be some sort of dark sludge, is actually waste material coming from drilling sites in northern Webb County.

TxDot staffers and Laredo Police officers were at the scene and they explained that these spills are happening along I-35 and Loop 20.  However, nobody was cited this morning because the truck left the scene and nobody was able to identify the company responsible for the mess.  

So here we have water that's been mixed with chemicals at drilling sites spilling all over our roadways.  Energy companies will wash their hands of this; those in charge of hauling this waste will get away with this; and the taxpayers are left to clean up their waste.

I would not want to be the one cleaning up that sludge. 

Laredo media and politicians:  the ball's in your court. 


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