Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baseball Laredo Team

Things didn't go so well for Ventura Sports in El Paso.  The company tried to work with the city, including paying for park improvements, but according to Mr. Schuster, El Paso wanted to maintain "100 percent local ownership."

A former owner of the El Paso Diablos offers his two cents on the matter.

"They've got to pay debts that have been acquired, they've got to bring the ballpark back up to standards required by the City of El Paso, and they need the money to improve the ballpark. People have quit going because the ballpark has gone to hell."

So it wasn't just a matter of improvements, and ownership in El Paso, but debts as well.  Thankfully, Ventura won't have to worry about park improvements here in Laredo because they're getting a brand spanking new baseball stadium.  Whether they can make it a success is yet to be seen. 

Here's our mayor at the recent ground-breaking ceremony for the stadium near the Laredo Energy Arena.

The LMT story above appeared in yesterday's paper.

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