Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Xeriscaping: Laredo, Texas

When locals think about native, drought-tolerant  plants, they think of a limited array of bland shrubs at their disposal; But that might not be totally their fault.  For the most part, local nurseries don't carry a wide selection of plants to plan for a xeriscape garden.  Nevertheless, in recent years I've seen some water-wise landscape layouts that take our climate and water needs into account.  Enjoy.

This landscape is located at the Children's Advocacy Center.

The mesquite tree is taken for granted but it has a unique character.  Apart from the shade it provides, it can be useful as a supplier of grilling wood once more mature.

The sage bushes are a little too manicured for my taste.  The people who tend this garden could let them get a bit shaggy.

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