Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reform For Immigrants

Leaders, others: We need reform

By Andrew Kreighbaum
Laredo Morning Times
Published: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 5:12 AM CDT
Mehnaaz Momen said the problems of immigration reform became personal in 2009 when a star student at Texas A&M International University neared graduation.
Momen, an associate professor of public administration, said the student was able to pursue a higher education in the United States despite being an undocumented immigrant.
She attempted to find financial assistance for the student to pursue graduate studies, but he was forced to return to Mexico City, where he was born.

Raising the minimum wage, passing a watered down version of health care reform, and killing the leader of America's worst enemy should pump up morale for the Obama administration, but immigration reform is not going to happen.  The president is just going through the motions in the lead-up to next year's election, and he has to appear to be doing something about one of his 2008 campaign pledges.

How Raul Salinas fits into all this is beyond me.  I really don't know what kind of input he would have on the matter since he's never heard how his constituency really feels about undocumented immigrants.  He's just up there in El Paso offering up the same platitudes as Obama and posing for pictures.

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