Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Parks And Trails

The LMT reported today that the Haynes Recreation Center will open as soon as June.  This news come from talks held at last night's city council meeting. 
The center will include indoor and outdoor running tracks, an aquatic center, tennis courts, a basketball court and soccer fields that can be used for outside activities.  The city has planned Haynes as the centerpoint of new hike and bike trails on Chacon Creek.
The Chacon Creek bike trail project was started in early 2005.  And I talked to then Councilman Garcia about the opening of the Haynes Center which was scheduled to be open in April of last year.

Maximiliano takes issue with the fact that staffing, and funding for the center, is still up in the air, even though it could open in one month.

By the time the bike trail that's supposed to connect TAMIU with LCC south is completed, I won't be able to ride a bike anymore. 

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