Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not So Imposing Yesterday

Sometime before lunch yesterday I realized my mojo was gone.  I was uninspired with the news of the day and didn't feel like sharing anything with anybody.  However, not posting anything felt quite liberating, even though a sense of guilt came over me.

I could've talked about Arnold's and Maria's break-up, but I shouldn't have wasted my time on such trivialities since the world is going to end next week.

My Tuesday wasn't all that bad.  I got in a good workout; my heart rate went up to 155.  I saw a cement trail being built near the Haynes Rec. Center on Clark Blvd.  The trail looks like it goes under the bridge, along the Chacon Creek.  And "The Good Wife" episode was really good.  A downside was that I learned that comedian Marc Maron will be in San Antonio this weekend and I won't be able to make it out there.  I'll have to settle for his podcasts.  

Anyway, Gang Gang Dance released a new album yesterday.  At least they did something.

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