Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Music Martes

We've got some interesting releases today.  In the I-haven't-heard-that-name-in-a-while category, Uriah Heep has a new album out.  Last week, Spicy Mustache posted on the new Fleet Foxes record.  And the Beastie Boys are still belting out the funky beats.  But today I have to give it up for one of my favorite female singers of all time, Stevie Nicks.  Is it too late for me to book her for my birthday party?

Oh man, if I could book Stevie Nicks to play Laredo, I would have her perform at Life Downs.  And I would put her up at the best room La Quinta has to offer.  Her dressing room would be catered with the best Taco Palenque, excuse me, Palenque Grill buffet available.  If she had time to sightsee, I would take her to the, uh..........to the........uh.  Well, she could rest before the show.  That would probably be for the best. 

(Keyrose gazes up at the sky) 

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