Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jamming Traffic

The eagerly-awaited overpass that divides Guadalupe St. and Chihuahua St. is coming along nicely.  Motorists will surely be pleased to be able to bypass the train passing by at all hours of the day.  But what problems will the overpass cause?  Cars will supposedly be able to move more freely by avoiding the train tracks, but given the infrastructure that will receive those who exit the bridge, it seems like a different jam will be created. 

Take for instance the backup that occurs at the bridge located at the L.C.C. downtown campus.  On Fridays around noon, when students and staff are leaving the college at the same time, the flow of traffic slows down significantly because everybody is directed towards Victoria St.  (L.C.C. closes at noon on Fridays)  After exiting the bridge, motorists have to navigate down a one-way road for about three blocks before getting to the more ample Victoria.  This is what is going to happen with this new bridge, I think.

People heading east, especially, towards the Three Points area will cross the Guadalupe/Chihuahua bridge and then be met by two traffic light stops -- one at Cedar Ave. and the other at Tilden Ave.  Going west on Guadalupe, you might have a smoother ride since there is no light until you come up on San Eduardo.

I'm curious how all this will work itself out.  I'm predicting a different kind of headache being created once this bridge is open.  And all the while, the train company won't lose any sleep over any of this.  However, the experts have probably thought out all that has to be taken into account in terms of traffic flow.  I'm probably worrying more than I have to.  I'm sure TxDot has its act together and no problems will dome of this new bridge.

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