Monday, May 2, 2011

City Council Meets Tonight

Andrew Kreighbaum writes for the LMT today:
City Council will also vote on three resolutions authorizing the city manager's office to submit three grant applications to the Federal Aviation Administration for $5.8 million in federal funds.  The grants would fund runway realignment, rehabilitation of the airport ramp and improve engineered materials for runway safety.  The city would provide $290,000 in matching funds for those improvements.
The airport must get a lot of wear and tear, but it has been helped along recently.  From nine months ago:
With this funding, the Laredo International Airport has received an unprecedented total of $36.474 million in federal funds within the last 18 months.
And we know the airport has gotten plenty of funding because we have the photo ops to prove it.

I haven't seen any progress on the Chacon Hike and Bike Trail but the airport is certainly flush with moolah.

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