Monday, May 9, 2011

CAA Worries

County officials are waiting for the official word from the state on how contractors will be paid for weatherization work done to residential homes.  More and more it looks like the county is going to have to pay the contractors out of their own pockets, i.e. our own tax money.  And for what?  Via the LMT (A. Kreighbaum):
Five contractors are demanding more than $409,000 in payments for weatherization work.

Of the files reviewed by inspectors, 34 lacked even basic applications for weatherization services.
Others lacked required assessments before and after weatherization work was completed.
Inspectors also found work completed at many of the homes to be deficient.
An insurance policy the county has may not help in this case.
But administrative services director Cynthia Mares said the county’s policy says the company pays only for a direct loss, including damage to funds or property resulting from theft by an employee.
Get ready to pay, Webb County.

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